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Colin Jones


I started looking into states of mind and consciousness many years ago. I’ve always been curious, which as you know can be a dangerous thing. Anyhow, I’ve always asked questions and been willing to listen to others’ answers. You’d be surprised.

In the 80s and 90s I was a successful games writer in the UK – I had hits with Slightly Magic, Rock Star Ate My Hamster, and Grange Hill.

Later on I learnt Welsh, and became a professional Welsh-to-adults tutor. I wrote and recorded a 10CD Welsh course, ‘Cadw Swn’ which uses classical music and stories to speed and ease the learning process. You can find out more at cadwswn.com if you’re interested.

A few years ago a technique came to me which helped me control my emotions. This became Ask to Relax, which I now bundle free with Getting Quiet. Getting Quiet followed later, which seemed to be a remarkably simple way to quiet the mind.

I think that Getting Quiet covers pretty much all you’d be able to learn from me. I hope you’d agree that it’s easy to follow, rewarding, and at a realistic price. I wanted to make it available to anyone who cared to listen to it, anywhere in the world.  Using Bandcamp means that your transactions are secure and that you can stream to you phone or tablet using their app. You can stream to your Sonos speakers and download the audio in the audio format that suits you. 

Colin Jones

Cwm Llynfi, Wales. 



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