A Quiet Mind – What’s the Problem?

Introducing our fast, powerful Getting Quiet course to help you still your mind.


The full course costs $15 worldwide, and includes our Ask to Relax relaxation course. Now we’ve got that out of the way read on to see if it might suit you…


Just a thought…

It’s just a thought, which you can let pass through your mind as you choose, but consider the possibility that we might just be overcomplicating things.

There are probably enough books written on quieting the mind to fill the Grand Canyon. But if our natural state really is true happiness then shouldn’t it all be a little easier? Try the following, if you have a moment:

Hold up a hand, so that it’s touching nothing else. Relax, as you let your fingers spread naturally. Now just be aware of your fingertips, where your fingerprints are. Can you notice a feeling, a slight sensation in those fingertips?

Be aware of that feeling, and you might notice that your mind is getting a little quieter.  

Welcome to our Getting Quiet audio course at The Infinity Café. What you’ve just experienced is the basis for what we consider a breakthrough in self-awareness.

You can listen to the following short audio extract if you’d like to find out more,

but make sure you’re in a safe environment, certainly not driving, operating machinery etc:

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